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Keeping You Safe And Warm When The Temperature Drops

2022-04-23 Page view : 14 views

Here are some useful safety guidelines for your portable heater:
• Always turn your portable heater off before leaving your property or going to bed
• Ensure all the component parts of your heater are well maintained, including the regulator hose and hose connectors
• Do not use aerosols or flammable cleaning liquids/sprays in close proximity to the heater
• Avoid sitting or standing too close to the heater
• Always ensure that the room is well-ventilated, and open a window if it becomes stuffy to allow fresh air to circulate
• Always follow the manufacturers guidelines carefully
• Ensure that the position of your heater is away from any flammable materials and is not blocking any escape routes
• Never place clothes or other items over your heater
• Do not move your heater whilst it is in use

Heater maintenance

We’re here to give you guidance on maintaining your portable heater properly
It’s essential to check that your portable heater is safe for use and complies with all relevant safety legislation. As with all gas appliances, we recommend getting your portable heater serviced on a regular basis by a qualified technician, in line with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Also choose the leading portable gas heater manufacturer.

In addition to this, we advise that the appliance’s regulator is replaced every 10 years to ensure that it’s functioning correctly. We also suggest that the hose is inspected regularly for signs of cracking or general wear and tear. Your hose needs to be replaced a minimum of every five years. However, if any signs of damage appear, it should be replaced immediately.