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What Is Plancha? Here’s How To Barbecue With A Baking Tray.

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Plancha grills originally came from two sources: Spain, they are called Plances and France, and they are called Plances Plancha grills, which are very similar to flat-topped grills. They have a huge metal plate that can be heated, and then you put the food on it and cook it. Theoretically, they are similar, but in practice, flat plates and flat tops are very different. Ping usually uses an S-shaped coil system under the metal to heat it consistently over the whole cooking surface, while Plancha Grill uses a burner located under the metal sheet. With Plancha, you will get a higher concentration of heat directly on these burners. Prans can have a cooking surface of 1,000 square inches, and there are only two burners or as many as ten burners, all of which are located in key areas under the metal cooking surface. You can cook food directly on the burner and move them away from the burner (to a position between two different burner positions) to keep warm, or slow down the cooking process if you successfully broil it. Prans can reach an amazing temperature height of about 800 degrees Fahrenheit, enabling you to quickly roast meat in two minutes and remove it from the burner to keep it cooking. Cooking skills Using Laplancha grill instead of typical grill needs to adapt to your regular cooking skills. Hot: For beginners, the plate should be very hot, above 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Most chefs prefer charcoal grills, but it also works to put Laplancha on a gas model. Make sure to heat the coal as you would during a normal barbecue, and then put the plate on the grill. Oil: When cooking with Laplancha, be sure to use some kind of fat because it provides flavor and lubricant and prevents your food from sticking or burning. Oil is the most common choice; Just make sure to choose the type with high smoke point. Because Laplancha becomes so hot, some oils (such as olive oil) will produce a lot of smoke. Safflower, rapeseed oil and peanut oil all have a high smoking temperature, so they can be used well with La Blanca cooking. Move food: Prevent your food from burning, and often rotate on La Plancha. You can turn and fold the ingredients with two metal scrapers. Don’t let them sit on one side for too long. Although small pieces of food are traditionally cooked in La Plancha, you can also cook larger ingredients, such as zucchini slices or hamburgers. We are the leading Gas Plancha supplier.